Online For Your New Catamaran

Ready to enjoy fun in the sun with your very own catamaran? These fun sailing vessels become more popular every year. So, where’s the best place to purchase one?

You can start by shopping online auctions. Both new and used catamarans are sold online. Have a budget in mind before you start placing bids, and do your research first. There are many different brands available, so choose one that will best suit your needs.

You can also visit the (more…)

Tips For Shopping And Buying

A New Catamaran

If you are in the market to buy a new catamaran, you should comparison shop before you buy. This is the best way to get a good price. You can find used catamarans for sale at online auctions. Beware of sellers who don’t have a reputation yet. Maintaining your catamaran will make it last much longer. When you own a catamaran, you will have enough room to invite family and friends out on the water. There are many beautiful destinations to sail with your new boat. Consider Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Mexico for a destination. (more…)

Different Catamaran Brands

And Choosing The Best One

The catamaran is a relatively recent development in the realm of recreational boating although the design has been around for as long as history has been recorded. As the Polynesians searched for hospitable islands to develop, they took these sturdy sea vessels on exploratory trips to distant lands. The boats had to be built well enough to withstand high seas and treacherous weather.

Catamarans are much different today, and they are great for all types of recreation because of their speed and stability.I was looking for more information and found it (more…)

Sailing Around The World With

Your Catamaran

Sailing around the world can be one of the most adventurous, challenging and exhilarating experiences of one’s life time. To do it, of course, one needs a form of transportation and catamaran is the perfect choice. It is both small enough to easily manage and large enough to accommodate an entire family. With the below deck convinces such as bathrooms, beds, a small living room and a kitchen, a catamaran can make sailing around the world’s oceans a (more…)

Vacation homes are great but you’ve got to do a lot of work to get them all set up. Go to Direct.TV for TV channels, paint the walls and even buy food for the pantry – but what about the extra steps you need to take to protect your catamaran while you’re away? Here are our thoughts on the best vacation boat maintenance

Hire Someone: Just like you pay someone to come every couple of weeks and mow your yard you should be able to find someone in town to check on your boat just as often. Have them crank it up and wipe it down just to keep it clean.
Get a Cover: The best protection from the elements is going to be a poly-plastic cover which shouldn’t run you more than a couple hundred bucks. Put it on before you leave for any length of time.
Haul it Out: If you’re particularly concerned, get your boat out of the water. Park it at a dry dock marina or get a lift for your dock – even tow it home with you if you must.

Where To Go With Your

New Catamaran

There are many wonderful excursions that you can plan to take in your new catamaran. You can sail to various desired destinations, like Miami or Puerto Rico. Or, you can simply sail as far out into the ocean as you wish to go, and spend the day just relaxing in the calm seas. Pack a meal or two, and enjoy yourself on the water. There is nothing calmer than spending a day taking in the sun while breathing in the fresh ocean air aboard your catamaran. For even more enjoyment, your excursion could also include planned activities, like fishing and diving. Pack the amount of supplies that you can safely bring along in your boat, and have fun. You can pack things like, a waterproof radio, to listen to your favorite tunes, and binoculars, for a better view of the ocean scenery. Also remember to pack a first aid kit in case of emergency.

Once you have the supplies you need, you are ready to embark on an excursion of your choice. The best part is, because you have a new catamaran of your very own, you can repeat the fun whenever you want to. You have the option of going anytime it suits you.


To Maintain Your New Catamaran

When you purchase a catamaran it is a long term investment you will want to protect. Without proper care your catamaran will lose monetary value due to it’s deteriorating physical condition. Changing your catamaran’s engine and generator oil and filters is something important to perform regularly. You will want to keep an eye on the condition of your boat’s sails and rigging. Every few years it’s a good idea to completely replace the sails on your vessel. When your sails are being replaced you should (more…)

The Best Vacation Spots To

Sail Your Catamaran

Sailing through crystal clear waters in beautiful locations awaits you and your catamaran. Whether you select the Virgin Islands, the Turks and Caicos Islands, or Hawaii catamaran sailing in these locations will blow you away. The Sun Beaches of Florida has lots to explore with family and friends. Chesapeake Bay, Virginia is beautiful and full of cozy resorts. Boston Harbor should definitely make your short list for your catamaran sailing. Your vacation will be full of adventure and leisure when residing at the many resorts that can be found in all (more…)


To Choose The Best Catamaran

Man has yet to devise anything quite as efficient and beautiful as a sailboat. It is the sailing vessels that went forth; crossing great oceans to discover the new lands, cultures and resources that the globe has to offer. These ancient mariners launched the age of discovery and their ships rigged with square sails blew down wind and around the world.

In Europe and later in the Americas, the sailing craft were all mono-hulls and little, if anything, was known about the twin hulled boats of India and Polynesia. In the 1600s on the (more…)

In order to sail a catamaran with style you have to hit the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Somewhere off the coast of St. Lucia or Jamaica would be a great place to launch. The trade winds are constantly blowing and the sea is still and flat so it is perfect to grab some velocity.

Look out at the distant horizon, checkout the beach, the beautiful girls with dreads, and then put on your sungleasses. It is time to dance with the water and the wind. Coolness is attitude and the catamaran is all attitude.Want more? Click here (more…)

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